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20th February 2014

Bloggers Meet

We conducted a product education event with beauty & lifestyle bloggers in India to inform them about Meiji Groups latest revolutionary product being introduced into the beauty market - Amino Collagen. The bloggers were the first exclusive few to get a product trial kit and they became beauty influencers as they wrote about their honest experience with the product on their blogs.

Here's a list of what beauty bloggers had to say about the product.

Bloggers Meet

If you're thinking whether or not you should go for this, my recommendation would be that you should surely try this out. I am right now a new mommy, and I'm in my early 30s, so if this product could do so much for me at this phase, imagine how much more it would benefit someone who is younger, or even someone who isn't going through as many hormonal changes as I'm going right now. Read more

There are a lot of skin products out in the market that promise to make your skin look beautiful but fail to do so. Amino Collagen is not like that. A friend of mine used it and recommended it to me and I ordered the product from their website. This product is good if you want to use it to make your skin look healthy. Read more

I have been using Amino Collagen since about a month now. I must say was quite apprehensive about trying out the product, since my skin is dry and sensitive. But I am very happy that I gave it a try, because the results are for me, and everyone else to see! The powder claims to provide a salvaging effect on the skin, revitalizing it and providing it with collagen that is a crucial element of skin. Read more

The moment they said collagen, I was all ears Seriously, I'm sure if you belong to the beauty world you must have heard or must be knowing of the amazing things collagen can do for your skin. I'm so happy such a product is finally launching in Indian market. After all, we all know no matter how many cosmetics we stack up, beauty always comes from within. Read more

I usually invest in products by reputed brands, and seldom pick up stuff that is not produced by a well-known company. This is solely for the reason, that there is a certain guarantee of quality. So I started as a skeptic when I bought Amino Collagen. The product has even significantly reduced the uneven tones that my skin developed over the years. My skin looks fresh and youthful, and I love seeing that in the mirror for a change! I strongly recommend that you buy this product and try it. Read more

With the hectic lifestyle that I lead, I seldom get the time to look after myself. With increasing pressures, I tend to be more negligent about my well-being, overlooking the hideous dark shadows and unevenness of tone that developed over the years. The results are so phenomenal, that you will never feel like investing in any other product! It's a dream solution for achieving bright, lively skin! Read more

I was given a sample of Amino Collagen by a friend who had returned from an international trip. I used it for a couple of weeks as instructed on the bottle and I did get to see very different results.

This is a very good product but it is hardly available in the market apart from some select stores. Price wise, it costs as much as any other skin product available, but it is slightly cheaper than some international brand products. Read more

I am a person who is not really interested in skin whitening, but I like to keep my skin look glowing and healthy. I used Amino Collagen after I ordered it from the website. This is only meant for people who want to keep a healthy skin. This product can curb new pimples from coming, but it does not make the existing ones go away. The best thing I liked about this product is that it is very good for softening the skin, so buy it if you want that. Read more

Amino Collagen has done single-handedly what my entire vanity-case could not. I'm a student who works as a model, doing print ads and small commercials, and make-up is a way of life for me. It's a routine hazard, but one that eventually takes a toll. I have an uneven skin tone, and the constant use of beauty products made it worse. Read more

I went ahead and purchased a full-sized product as a request from my mom. She was consuming it regularly. I too have consumed it although I am a vegetarian, but not by birth, so I had no qualms.


My mom has seen visible changes on her face and yes I believe that too. Read more

After one week of trial, i couldn't see much of a striking difference, though i did find my skin looking relatively fresh throughout the day and so went ahead and ordered the full size can. I made my mom try it for a week to see how it works on her. Now my mom and i share one can. Read more

I am a vegetarian but I didn't mind trying these out. Collagen is an essential requirement for our skin especially to maintain its elasticity and an effective anti aging ingredient. Read more

My mom loves floral scents & purse size things so this is going to her. I've seen a lot of Indian beauty bloggers refer to these as scams & frankly I don't think that's very fair. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses for the very unprofessional way both these brands handled things as their plans went south, but I've had the chance to talk to various insiders & from what I understand the beauty brands in India are still quite hostile to this whole beauty box thing. Read more